The Sacred Mask V

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Zephyrus is the new Mystic Knight in town. The 500-year-old Myrmidon has recently rejoined the labor force. Due to his age, he is constantly being underestimated. His new coworkers treat him as if he was made of glass, or senile, while his son talks to him as if he was an infant. As a foreigner, he has difficulties adapting to his new setting. He doesn’t understand why the citizens of Muldred are so repressed. In his country Shangri La, if you like someone you mate with them. Infidelity is also socially acceptable. Promiscuity is applauded, while celibacy is considered a mental illness. One day, Absalom, a married man, prepositions Zephyrus. He is the first of many repressed citizens of Muldred who begin to court Zephyrus. He is a novelty, and the fact that he can transform into anyone they want is just the cherry on top. The problem is that Zephyrus is no longer a young buck. He doesn’t want a pointless, casual relationship. He wants love, but everyone who approaches him isn’t interested in forming a relationship. Follow Zephyrus as he struggles to find someone who will love him, for who he is.