The Sacred Mask IV

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The Sacred Mask 4 is a coming-of-age story following the romantic misadventures of Lord Julian, the Illusion Magus. At the age of 14, little Julian has yet to enter puberty. As a dragon halfling, Julian worries about what he will look like when he gets older.
Due to his lack of height, adults and teenagers alike still threat Julian like a child. As a Magus, nobody takes Julian seriously because he doesn’t use Black Magic.
One day, his friend Oliver begins dating. Oliver was Julian’s last single friend. With all his friends entering the dating game, Julian begins to fall into a deep depression.
Julian doesn’t have a mate, and he feels awkward being the third wheel, every time he tries to hang out with his friends. To solve this problem, Oliver decides to find Julian a date. The problem is that Julian’s blind date ends up being another guy.
Julian doesn’t know if he likes boys or girls. Everyone assumes that Julian must like guys, because his father Gregory is married to a man. Since Julian is desperate, he goes on the blind date that Oliver arranged for him.
Find out what happens when you allow desperation to dictate your priorities.


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