The Furies Vol 6

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In the Furies v6, you can see a nice jump in my skills. I worked really hard on this manga volume in specific. I have a lot of nice backgrounds and everything. The Franko battle was a bit of an incoherent mess, but in this one I actually tried a little harder. The basic plot is that Enkiku got Gilgamesh and Kida killed. He wanted Franko to train them, but instead he killed both of them. With the two main characters dead, Enkiku has to bring them back to life. To do this, he goes to the Power Tournament. Before you get a little bit fussy, remember that this manga this volume was done like 15 years ago. It took me a while to find a publisher. Anyhow, in the Power Tournament the winner gets the right to use the Death Scythe. It is an arcane weapon that can bring people back to life. It kills their death in every sense of the word. While in the tournament, Enkiku has to fight his corporate boss Omega. He heard that his doggo was up to something, and being a petty jerk he decided to try to stop him. Omega does not have anything in particular against Gil and Kida. He just doesn't want Enkiku to succeed in anything he tries to accomplish. There just some type of jerk bosses like that out there. Since there is another volume, it is pretty obvious that Enkiku succeeds in bringing Gil and Kida back to life. How he goes about it is the amusing part about this volume. The main highlight battle is a robot vs dragon battle. I hope you find it amusing. This volume elaborates more on what type of crazy folks are the Powers. It is the world where Franko hails from, after all. This volume is also the ending of the first arc, the one where Franko is the main bad guy, kinda. Well, if I was making alignment chart I would say that Franko is chaotic neutral, but his daughter Hymn is chaotic evil.


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