The Furies Vol 5

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This is the 5th book in the Manga the Furies. In this volume, Gil and Kida finally decide to do something about Franko. He was introduced as a mild pest in volume 1. Now, in volume 5 he has become a problem that cannot be ignored. In the battle, Gilgamesh transforms into Metal Gilgamesh. In his robotic form, he has access to a lot of different weaponry. The downside is that he looses the ability to use magic. As with most things, there are some battles that one simply requires a machine to deal with. The reason why Gil and Kida end up fighting Franko is rather silly, but I am not going to spoil it. In this battle I worked very hard to sketch it. It is about 20 something pages long. I also introduce the Power A Capella group. We all know that A Capella can be both dangerous and deadly to certain groups of people. Gilgamesh does not like A Capella, and so, it is dangerous to him. The battle does a healthy blend of action and comedy. It is just the type of flavor I was going for. Anyhow, if you remember, in the previous volume Enkiku sent Gil and Kida away, while he fought the Sun Eater's henchman Gates. He though he was sending them to a safe place, but he ended up making a mistake as all. It certainly goes to show that no matter where you go, or where you hide, Franko will find you, and he will mess you up, or he will sing to you a musical number. It depends on what type of mood you find him. He is a complicated character. And so, I hope you find this action graphic novel amusing.


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