The Furies Vol 3

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The Furies Volume 3 Intro - Volume 3 is when Gilgamesh goes to his first Fury mission. He has his first taste as to what Kida’s job is all about. This volume also shows the main bad guy in action. The bad guy of the manga is a computer guy named Gates, no relations. He collects Suns for the Abandon called Abaddon. This creature got introduced in the first volume. Now you can see him in action. It is about this time when the manga starts getting a little bit insane. There is a murderous girl scout, two werewolves, the Phantom of the Opera, a Frankenstein monster and Dracula as well. The main joke of the manga is a bit of a spoof of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Kida is trying to get revenge on that fellow. As you may have guessed, Dracula has a lot of people he has wronged in the past. It is about time he gets what is coming to him. In this book, I designed Dracula after the original douche from the book. I gave him a stupid looking mustache. Almost all the Draculas in all the movies remove the mustache. I don’t really know why. I find the facial hair to be quite silly. The first time I saw the front cover of the book it looked as if it was Jose Marti, with vampire fangs. It was really silly. The parody does not follow the original novel much, it simply has some of the characters in cookie situations. Dracula never makes it to London, and Kida and Gil are playing the role of Van Hellsing. They are the ones who are trying to get Dracula. Aside from the main joke, other characters make an appearance in the manga including Franko, and his little Girl Hymth. The Phantom of the Opera reference is a little less obvious. He appears in his Mask of the Red Death form to fight Gates, to protect the sun of his world. It is one of those little parallel stories that occur while the heroes are doing the main mission. It is also a good way to introduce what the bad guys are all about. Then again, I was never a big fan of making people who are like pure good, and evil. Even those with good intentions can sometimes making things even worse. Brahma also appears to help Gilgamesh. Along with Enkiku, Brahma is a recurrent character, he is a bit mellowed with the Kalkin form temporarily turned off. I was studying Hinduism in University when I started the manga project. I thought that Vishnu seemed like a cool God, and so he made it into the manga. The Furies are Goddesses themselves, so it is no big deal for them to interact with one another. This volume has more comedy than action, but the action itself is also pretty neat. I tried to keep all the battles quite varied, with the Erik fighting pop up adds, and Gil and Kida dealing with a lot of wolves. For those that do not know, the Phantom is called Erik. That was the name he gave to the Persian in novel. All in all, I hope you like this fresh take on the Dracula story we all know and love. You may know the character, but you will be surprised at what I did to him, and all the parties involved. I hope this volume makes you laugh, and makes you buy plenty of girl scout cookies in the future.

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