The Furies Vol 2

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This is the second volume of the Furies. I finally got around to publishing it on print. I had been making this manga for almost a decade with my brother. I make the lineart, and then brother adds the shading, and the special effects. He also adds the speed bubbles and the dialogue. Aside from drawing the line arts, I also design all the characters. Brother designs some of the fancy weapons as well. He created the silly looking clockwork sword. That sword is Kida’s signature weapon. He also made Gilgamesh’s Humming Edge. We had originally made the manga Japanese style. Now, we changed our mind about it. We have been changing up the manga up a bit with photoshop. I have about 10 volumes that I still have to get around to publishing. It takes time as all. This volume starts with the tournament to pick a spouse for Kida. She promises Godhood to the winner or something like it. Gilgamesh is not aware of the nature of the tournament. All he knows is that Kida is a prize to be won. The manga introduces some of Kida’s harpies. Through the tournament Gilgamesh has finally tracked down Kida. With the fighting, I tried to be a little bit creative. The first couple of battles are against Abandons. They are strange creatures that live in the Mansion. They have a strange quantic nature. Their 4D value is zero. It is just some mathematical nonsense. It might be amusing for people who are into math. The overall theme of the manga is to keep people guessing. Even when you think you know what is going on, we want to try to throw you a left curve. As far as the Harpies are concerned, I try to vary their design. Even if a character is going to appear in one panel, I try to give the fellow a good design. The fighting is also something I try to work on. In the start of the manga, we tried to be like super serious. Still, the funny bone kept appearing. I think I prefer to be more funny than serious. As the manga goes on, it becomes more funny, than serious. I hope you look forward to the other volumes of the manga. So, if you like action comedy, then this is the graphic novel for you. Aside from comedy and stuff, there are a lot of references to paintings and cool artworks. You should keep an eye on that, if you like. On a side note, the digital version can be found in Artsy Sister. I have all my person work there. Aside from a graphic novel, I have a fantasy book series called Saturnastra. You can check that book out as well, if it pleases you.

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  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ June 28, 2020
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