Saturnastra: Woden

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Woden is the 11th book in the Saturnastra Series. Can you believe I already completed 11 novels? I still have three other books remaining in the series. Still, I feel quite happy that I am already in the final hurdle of this project. When I get an idea in my head, I follow through it. Most people lack the follow-through to become writers. They get bored or out of ideas by page 11. I am always full of cookie ideas. When the thoughts do not come to me, I dream them up. I have always had a fertile imagination. This is needed to write what I consider a fantasy book. When I started this, I chose a theme and then went with it. Though, in the long scheme of things, all the books of these series do not fall under a specific genre. The only thing they have in common are the familial ties, and the world that the characters inhabit. Woden already made a couple of cameos in other books of mines. This will be her stand alone story. It will take place over the course of a couple of days. Sometimes the most important events in people’s life take place in a short amount of time. I think this book might actually be what people consider fantasy. The main girl is a magic type of person, and I do feature a decent amount of spells here and there. Then again, how this book ends up getting categorized is all up to the store that is selling my books. I have a particular way of looking at the world, and this viewpoint is reflected somewhat in this book. If you are already up to book 11th in this series, you already know to expect the unexpected.

Introduction originally said in my first book that you did not need to read the entire series in order. This remains true for this book as well. Woden is its own stand alone novel. What it has in common with the other books is the setting. It takes place in the world that her family calls Saturnastra. The local lifeforms call it something else, as it is to be expected. The book focuses on the first couple of days of Woden away from her family. She is trying to adapt to her current situation, and her traveling companion does not help one bit. The book is told from the perspective of the Primordial Demon Bayl. He recently got released, and is suffering a bit from memory gaps. Worried about this occurring again, he decides to keep something that he calls a diary. All his observations tend to revolve around the Woden and her shenanigans. Along the way, Woden and Bayl meet a bunch of interesting characters, from hags, knights to theater people. The book is a little bit more comic than my previous projects. As before, there are times when it bleeds a little into tension. The book was originally designed not to have chapters. It was meant to be a long stream of narrative. After not thinking it very well, I added Divisions or Chapters. All in all, I hope you find my latest book entertaining or at least memorable.

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