Saturnastra: Melina

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Melina is the fifth book in the series. Then again, she is technically the 4th, but I decided to split Ahi in two. As of now, you may have noticed the order I take with my books. The Melina story has some magical elements here and there. The dragons only play a bit role in this story. The book focuses on Melina’s adventures as a courtesan. She was bought as a slave, by the figurehead of Sassari to play court politics. This book also focuses on the religion of the people of Saturnastra. Most fantasy books tend to avoid the whole God situation. Then again, everyone in this part of the Solar System believes in a God. Godliness was more common during the time when magic was practice in planet Earth. Since magic is common in Saturnastra, the worship of the Gods is also commonplace. I delineate somewhat the theology of the world, and the relationship between the people and the Gods. Aside from the theology, I also established how the slavery system works in Saturnastra. IntroductionThe book Melina is the first book in the series not told in first person. For this book, I created a fake writer to tell the story. He is a character belonging to the world of Saturnastra. He is trying to make sense of all the wild stories told about the protagonist, Melina. This is something that is not commonly done in the English world. It is a bit of a fantastic pseudo biography or an anecdotal book. It was an interesting gimmick to say the least. The story follows the moment that Melina first appeared in Saturnastra recorded history. We know from the narrator, that Melina was a war hero. He is trying to piece together the truth about Melina, for better of for worse. He takes a bit of a Journalism method of writing. He forges his story based on numerous interviews, and physical evidence. By all extents, the narrator thinks that he is getting the truth about Melina’s life. You will only see Melina, when there is a human type of person observing her. You will never seen the point of view of Melina. As with all my writing, the narration style will not impede the understanding of the story. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed by how I told the story of a courtesan. Once you get to the end of the book, maybe you will understand what I am talking about. After proofing it several times, I have arrived to the conclusion that Melina is mainly a comedy, with the exception of the final 30 pages. By then, the book turns into an action piece, with numerous army battles. Hopefully, you will find the battles I describe humoring, if not entertaining.


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