Saturnastra Deasura

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Deasura is about the ninth book in the series. Can you believe I already wrote nine books on the matter? In this book, I take on a subject I have not covered as of now. I focus on the priestly class and on ocean travel. I did have a couple of boating scenes in Ahi. However, I did not illustrate it in a fashion that followed the common laws of man. This book originally started on a different tone. I soured up a bit as a result of a terrible cruise ship that I took. It was then that I finally understood why sailors spent all their time nursing their wines. If you are a sober fellow, ocean travel is a sorry business indeed. I explore this and many other different aspects about it. I also tell of those special nights when the moon looks very beautiful. Saturnastra has several of moons. This book has plenty of nautical descriptions. While on the cruise, I saw a bit what it was like to be in the open ocean. I traveled during Hurricane Nate, and whenever we docked, I was always thankful. This only had a tacit influence on the book. I am always careful about giving the character their own mind and experiences. It is not good to project oneself too much into a book. A writer always runs the risk of turning all characters into little clones of themselves. Without any further roundaboutness, I do so hope you enjoy the latest entry to the Saturnastra series. The book follows the adventures of Deasura. She hopes to bring money to her siblings, to help them fund their individual operations. She must earn local currency, instead of inventing her own. Deasura tries this and many other little side businesses before landing on the job that most suited her. She did not set out to be a priestess. Rather, she got recruited into what she considers a cult. It has all the tell-tell signs, with the secret rituals, and fanatical followers. The book is told in epistle format. It is a bit of a gimmick. I am always trying out new narrative styles. I am still in the formative years of my writing education. There is always room for improvement. How a story is told can affect the way that people perceive it. The main documents used were personal letters, a diary and a captain’s log. I looked at a captain’s log to see the format of it. From the writing, you will notice the growth of the character. Then again, character development is the least a writer can offer. Most writers rarely manage to age up a character properly. I will continue to experiment with my writing. Hopefully, you will enjoy the final results. This book features a decent amount of action. I know most readers are into that sort of thing.

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