Saturnastra: Lamina

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Lamina is the seventh book in the Saturnastra series. It focuses on the adventures of the protagonist as she tries to defeat an overwhelming power. The creatures she must face are weak to magic. The problem is that there is no strong magic user left in the world. She also lacks the magic talent. Without having any magical skills, Lamina reasons that the best next thing would be to train a new mage from scrap. This is were the shepherd Irving comes in. She notices latent powers on the shepherd boy and decides to try train him. Even if Lamina cannot use magic, she is pretty knowledgeable on the matter. This book covers all the different flavors of magic that are available in Saturnastra, as well as the ever popular necromancy. Of all my books, this one is the most magical. So, if you like magic, I am certain you will find this reading enjoyable. As with all of my books, I tend to get a little gimmicky with the narration style. Just because it is a fantasy book, there is no need to dumb down the writing. Then again, I am not the sort of person to use big words, to sound impressive. As far as the gimmick is concerned, this book is written in “you” style. Very few English books use “you” narration style. It has an interesting effect on the reader. It makes it easier for them to slip into the shoes of Lamina. Speaking of Lamina, I named this maiden after a bone. It is a part of the vertebrae. It seemed like a proper name for a Sphynx. It is not very often that the protagonist is a sphynx. This is not spoiling much, since she acquires the form in chapter 1. As I said before, the book is mainly about magic, and about magical people doing magic things. The magic guy in the story is a shepherd boy that Lamina decides to train. She needs his help because she had no magical powers, even thought, she is well versed in magic. She needs magic to make it easier to defeat her targets.


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  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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