The Furies

The Furies is an ever expanding series, with no true end in sight. I started this series while in High School. I designed all the characters, and so forth while in Journalism class. I had a lot of free time there, because I wrote the opinion page. At first, the series only had Kida. In the end, we decided to add the character Gilgamesh, and then history was made. In this series, my brother helped me quite a bit. I drew the linearts, and I pitched some of the raw dialogue. When the drawings where finished, they where scanned and made into perfect line arts in the photoshop. With that concluded, he puts the shading and the dialogue boxes. It is a bit of a bother to always try to do dialogues boxes on the manga. I feel that it distracts from the overall composition. The first version of The Furies manga was like a complete mess. We had to go back to square one, and start all over. Even when the new Volume 1 was completed, we had to go back and add more pages. Mainly, I added the origin story of both Gilgamesh and this Kida. I also added how Gilgamesh ran into Brahma, or Krishna. When I got to University, I took a bunch of religious classes. Of all the Gods I studied, I developed an affinity for Krishna. He just seemed like a fun, yogurt loving type of God. Since I also like Yogurt, I ended up putting him on the Manga as a supporting character. Krishna has played a supportive role in a lot of Hindu legends. So, the role fits him like a shoe. Aside from Kida, there are 3 other furies as well. They start by being a bother to Gil, and eventually the manga focuses on Kida more. The manga has a huge cast that rivals that of One Piece. I try not to have too many folks on the same page, at the same time. Still, I acknowledge that they exist from time to time. For those that do not know, The Furies are a revenge type of Goddesses. They are known as the Kindly Ones. The represent the past order. They are what life was all about, before the Jury system was implemented in Greece. In their titular story, Orestes committed matricide. Gil killed his father, and did not get punished because he was royalty. It is for this reason that the Furies started bothering Gilgamesh. When I say Gilgamesh, you must take his name with a grain of salt. It is like being named Jesus or something. This Gilgamesh happens to have a friend named Enkiku, which is very close to the name Enkidu. From a normal type of setting, Gilgamesh and Kida get into some crazy adventures in their fight against the Abandons. The human leader of the Abandons is a man named, Gates. He steals the suns from Solar Systems. This makes him a step more evil than Galactus. I can empathize with Galactus. When I get hungry, I feel like I could eat a whole planet. Have you ever been that hungry? I certainly have. Anyhow, the core of the show is the relationship between Gilgamesh and Kida, as it grows as the manga progresses. Before you think this is a sappy romance manga, let me assure it is not. I don’t even think I remember drawing them kissing. The show is an action, comedy. As the manga progresses, I lean more towards comedy, but I am not afraid to throw a bit of action in the mix just for giggles. I also do musical numbers. Every so often, I do little song parodies, or reference songs that nobody seems to remember. I am just trying to keep it fresh as all. If you are not having fun drawing the manga, then how can you expect for the reader to have fun while reading it? Aside from the music, I have like a bunch of paintings and art references. You need to be an art historian to catch all the references I make. I should have marked them when I was making the manga. I eventually forgot most of the names of the works I referenced. Paintings are just easy for arranging scenes in the manga. For now, there is about 11 volumes of the manga. Depending on when you are reading this, there might be more out there. It takes time to publish. I hope you have as much reading the Furies as I had drawing it