The Chiblia [ Chibi Bible ]

The Chiblia is a children’s book series about the Bible. It has abridged, soft versions of all the nice stories from both the Old Testament and the New One. It also covers stories that normally do not appear much in the Children Bible Stories. I am referring to the stories about the Prophets. They are fun folks with miraculous powers, who usually do not appear much in Children’s Books.

I had originally designed this Bible Series to be read without words. I wanted to force the parents to dig up the Bible, in order to understand the scenes I was illustrating. I did mention the books over the top, but no specific passages. I should have mentioned the passages, but when I was reading the Bible to make the drawings I forgot to jot them down. Now, it just seems like a bit of a bother to look them up again. I know the stories I illustrated by heart.

Apparently, the editors do not. I guess one just has to work under the assumption that even the most religious of fellows has never read the Bible, not even once. It is a shame, because at least the Spanish Catholic version I read is quite good. So, if you see any differences in the stories do keep this in mind. At the moment when I wrote this description, the Chiblia only has a couple of books from the Old Testament already published. The lineart version is already done. I am technically already done with the Chiblia. It was designed to be drawn with digital colors. In high sight, I should have drawn all the colors by hand.

Now, if it to late to do that. The front cover has a Stained Glass type of feel. I drew it with Acrylics. If you are religious, or you know someone who likes the Lord Jesus Christ, then this is the gift you can give to their kids. I drew this Chiblia as a tribute to the Lord, for answering my prayers. We were really trying to get our first house, and things were not going as planned. I promised to illustrate a children’s Bible book, if we managed to buy a descent house. God granted my prayers, and so I drew the Chiblia.

Whether you like it or not, I completed a promise I made to the Lord. The book is called the Chiblia because I drew the characters in Chibi style. I hope this children’s Bible rekindle your faith, if you are a parent, and I hope it helps you make your child pious. Bye, Bye, and God bless.