Single Books

Books that are not part of any series.

The House:
The story takes place in 1982. It was a couple of years before I was born. People love the 80s, and so it seemed like a good idea to turn back the clock a bit. Cuba after the revolution entered a type of time bubble. The world changes and flows, while that country is stagnant, and never changing. Even now, with the supposed changes, it still feels like the place has not changed one bit. As for the characters, they are not real people with their names changed. That would just be lazy writing if you ask me. Think of it like putting all the ingredients in a pot, and then stirring, and stirring them to form a soup. This book is like a soup. If you like soup, then you will enjoy it. If you do not, then at least you bought my soup, and so I get to eat cheesecake for another day. What is important is that you find this book remotely entertaining. It is a bit shorter than some of my other works, but I putted the same effort as I did in some of my other works. The title was the thing I gave the most thought. I wanted to make it something simple, and unassuming. Eventually, I wiggled it down to just The House. If The House manages to scare you even a little bit, then I may have some hope as a horror writer. If not, I hope it makes you feel a little sometime, even if that feeling is just mild amusement. Now, sit back and enjoy my new book.

Anthology of Poems:

This book contains all the poems I have ever written. The 400 poems are all in chronologically order. My first poem was written in 2002, when I was in Eight Grade. School was always frustrating. As someone, who was not a native English speaker, I was often lonely and isolated. Even among my Spanish speaking peers, we had nothing in common. One day, while in eighth grade, I was tasked to write a Sonnet. I dedicated it to my Dog, Pluto. I really cared for that dog. He came to my life during a difficult time. My poor father had just died from cancer, and the dog filled the void. As the years passed, I kept writing poems as a coping mechanism. They became a lot more sparse during my University years. I was far too busy writing Essays. So, if you are interested in the poems of someone who wasn’t your typical student, do read this book.