Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories based on my nightmares and dreams. I decided to compile all the stories into a complete collection. Dreams are a source of inspiration for most of my writing. It is rare for me to remember my dreams.
It is even rarer for those dreams to make sense. During the few times that my dreams have something that resembles a plot, I rework it into a short story.
Dreams with meat in their bones get turned into novels. This shows the importance of sleeping. A lot of writers have the bad habit of not sleeping. While you dream, the brain in the background is doing all the work for you.
Then when you wake up, you have everything you need to write a good story. Without more preambles, I present to you my Complete Short Stories Collection.

The Ballad of Exada and other stories. A series of Short stories by Teresita Blanco IN THIS BOOK- Terry’s first Day of School - The Dream - The Ballad of Exada- Mission Jupiter - Asleep in my Solitude - The Twelve Zombie Saints- The Parable of Kakundo - 120,000 BC - The Whisky Surgeon and the Addict- The House- Stardust- Spirit Bear- The Cursed Doll- Seishin yume tantei!- The Nightmare - The Looters And Many others...

This book has been in development for the last 8 years. In between all my novel projects, I write short stories. The short stories for the most part are based on dreams that I had. Whenever I am having a hard time dreaming myself a new plot, I supplement it with my brother’s dreams. When he had a particular interesting dream, he tells me. From it, I expand the dreams into a fully fleshed plot. Most of the time, the dreams we have don’t make good stories. This has to do with dream pollution. Dream pollution is anything that can be easily recognized from the real world. Aside from dream based stories, I have a couple that I based loosely on reality or on my imagination.