Saturnastra is the first fantasy book series I ever tried to write. As with most first time series, it is common for a young writer to get too ambitious for their own good. I ended up planning like 13 books in the series. Each of the characters was a stand in for a member of the Zodiac. There is 13 because of Castor and Pollux, the Gemini twins. You can read each book in any order you so desire. They are each their own stand alone story. Ahi ended up being a bit too long. As such, I needed to cut the book in half. Ahi is the only book you need to read in order. The original book was like 357 pages in the word document. After the editions, it swelled up to almost 1000 pages. All in all, it had about 170,000 words. The bulk of the book made it a bit too expensive to print. I doubted that folks would be willing to pay like 26 bucks for a book. For that reason, I had to slice the book in half, with book two being the longest. This about brings the book total to 14. Officially, I am almost done with the book series. If all goes well, I might have the last book completed by the end of December of 2020. The publication might take a little longer to get to. At the moment, I am working on getting some of the early books reedited. They are getting a proper aspect ration for the Kindle. Some of the later books do not have that problem. Also, the print versions are getting larger font. This will allow folks to read the books even without glasses. I am just exaggerating a bit. I just want the print version of the book to look like somebody actually cared. I care about my books, and I want the reading to be quite pleasant. Aside from the Zodiac thing, the book takes place in a magical little gas giant named Saturn. After getting a bunch of update patches and modules and so forth, the gas giant was made livable. I chose Saturn cause during my Solar Astronomy class in College, the teacher mentioned something interesting about Saturn. The gas giant had more mass than Jupiter, even though it was smaller. She said that maybe the gasses were more compact. My takeaway is that maybe Saturn is more solid than it first appears. Going from there, Saturn was eventually terraformed in the book into Saturnastra, with its own artificial sun Helioplasm. When you live so far away from the sun, you kind of need your own sun. It is this terraforming nonsense that leads folks to think of my book as science fiction. I never got why magic books had to pretend that science doesn’t exist, and vise versa. I think both magic and science happen together in the real world, all the time. There are many things that science cannot explain, but during the ancient times those unexplained events were called magic or miracles. All in all, each book can be read on its own, but if you read all of them together you get the whole picture. They are each called after the main character of the story. Some are action, others comedies, and some even fall into the realm of horror. This is at least based on my publisher, who calls my books alien invasion stories. Is it really alien invasion when even the folks that live in Saturn are invasive species? In any case, whatever is your flavor of fantasy or science fiction, there might just be a Saturnastra book just for you. The girl books tend to be a bit more evil than the rest. I just have a knack for having morally questionable female leads. I don’t really see it. As with most fantasy books, I have as many weirdoes as I can fit, including the ever popular dragons. I like dragons. Ahi focused on dragon nonsense, and how they related to lesser creatures, like the humans.