Saturanstra : Karina

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Karina is the technically the 12th book in the series. With reprints, and older editions still in circulation, the series might have more listed books in Amazon. There is also the fact that Ahi became a two-part book. Then again, the second book is long enough to become a 3-part deal. If I ever do return to the Saturnastra series, Ahi might even get a sequel. For the time being, the series is almost complete. After Karina comes the final book of the Saturnastra series. It is going to be called Rimaru.This is not a big spoiler. Rimaru had a couple of cameo appearances in other books of the series. The overall flavor of the books either takes place during the war, and after the war. Karina takes place after the war. Her brother Marduke is reconstructing the capital city Veragerung. As the seat of power, it is the most important place in the entire Continent. As it happens whenever there is a major change in government, the education system is getting a nice, polished look.Even the army training has changed as well. If students want to learn magic, they no longer need to go elsewhere. They can learn it from the comfort of their own city. As for Karina, she is trying to find her own thing to do now that her own personal mission is concluded. After helping her brother out with his nonsense, she has her own business to attend to. This book is a bit more school themed. There was bound to be one of those types of books eventually. The school with the cool, supernatural type of teacher is a popular theme. Sadly, the book does not take place in the magic school of Veragerung. Karina is going to teach moral education, and it is not even something that is required. The book mainly focuses on Karina’s little petty problems, and how they escalate as the book progresses. It also focuses on the complications of student teacher relationship, and how there can be strains when the students do not meet the teacher’s expectations, and vice versa. The school thing is a general theme I tend to avoid as much as possible. I know I have said this before, but I like repeating myself. I do not like school. I think I have rambled about that in another intro, so I am not going to go there. I am not a big fan of long introductions. I should really get around to writing introductions as soon as the stupid book gets completed. Karina got completed last year, on the 8/2/2020. I guess some of that angst seeped into the book. I started it in 1/5/2020. Depending on my overall mood, I could finish a book in less than half a year. It does not help much the fact that I do not have much time to write. My folks tend to be night owls. Sometimes it is 3 a.m., and they have not gone to sleep. While they are awake, they make noises, and so it is impossible for me to concentrate. I used to write till that hour too, but if I stay up too late my mother wakes up and starts bugging me about nonsense. There is also the matter that after 12 books, I might be bored somewhat of the series. I do not think I will ever do another long series of nonsenses again. Speaking of writing nonsense, I finally came up with the name for the main character of my next book series. The book is going to take place in Florida. I thought that adding a bit of realism would make folks keener to take an interest in the book. It worked for the writer of Dexter. I was seeing the series again, when I noticed that the writer had never actually lived in Florida. His vision is that of a tourist, not a resident. It is the type of little error that only a person that has lived in South Florida for like 20 years would notice. Then again, folks these days do not care about true authenticity, only the appearance of it. If they cared for the truth, I would not see out there so many folks wearing a Che Guevarra shirt. Not that the woes of a little, islander like myself matters.

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