This book contains all the poems I have ever written. The 400 poems are all in chronologically order. My first poem was written in 2002, when I was in Eight Grade.
School was always frustrating. As someone, who was not a native English speaker, I was often lonely and isolated. Even among my Spanish speaking peers, we had nothing in common.

One day, while in eighth grade, I was tasked to write a Sonnet. I dedicated it to my Dog, Pluto. I really cared for that dog. He came to my life during a difficult time. My poor father had just died from cancer, and the dog filled the void.

As the years passed, I kept writing poems as a coping mechanism. They became a lot more sparse during my University years. I was far too busy writing Essays. So, if you are interested in the poems of someone who wasn’t your typical student, do read this book.
Around my Junior year, I became extremely prolific with my poems. I already had a basic style defined and an experimental poem format. Just about every format of poems has already been invented.

Coming up with a new one was quite an interesting feat in it of itself. These odd poems usually take the longest, and they come with only three stanzas. Depending on how you read it is the type of meaning you get. Its like having 3 poems in one. Around this time, I got enamored with the word Oblivion.

My teacher had us do a little Sonnet. This was my first Sonnet, which I dedicated to my dog. My grandma had told me that my dog died after I left towards the US. That made me pretty sad. This started the first of my series of poems. I used to only write poems when I was in school.