Horror Comedy

Before we proceed, let us set some ground rules. As the name states, this book is going to be about a little, sweet, and innocent vampire lady. Most folks are familiar with the idea of a vampire. The thing that comes to mind is Count Dracula. He is what folks think about, when you say the word vampire. If we worked under the Bram Stocker’s idea of a vampire, this book might be quite predictable and somewhat cliché. Let us examine the idea of a vampire. A vampire is thought of being a creature that drinks blood, sleeps in a coffin, can shapeshift, has a garlic and catholic phobia, and may or may not be killed by sunlight. If we just focus on the bloodsucking thing, there is a great deal of animals and humans that have vampiric habits. Some even shun the sunlight, and religious Catholic items. There are regional variants based on countries. Still, the overall consensus is that vampires drink blood. Some need it, while others like drinking the color red in items. Our sweet vampire therefore must be a bloodsucker to qualify as a vampire. So, we got that much down. Within the bloodsucker community, there are going to be two types of vampires. There will be the living vampires, and the undead vampires. The living ones can form families, age, and even die of illnesses. Depending on the plasticity of their souls, they might become undead creatures of the night. Both undead and living vampires can pass on their vampirism to normal humans. Normal humans becoming vampires is a big part of the vampire mythos. Aside from coming into contact with other vampires, the human vampirism progress happens in many different ways. Some bad folks just come back as vampires. These folks would qualify as undead vampires. It is also common belief that folks who killed themselves are reborn as vampires. Witches also get the vampirism treatment after death. Again, this coming back from the dead thing is a pure Catholic treatment of vampirism. As for me, I think it has something to do with the sticky nature of the soul. If a fellow has a strong willpower, then they come back as vampires after death. As with many things dealing with life after death, the reasons why certain folks come back as vampires is unknown, even by folks who come back as vampires. For them, it feels like waking up after a 20-year coma. You still feel the same, but you can no longer recognized yourself when looking in the mirror, and there is even some memory loss. In another type of legend, vampires come to be when a silly dog or cat jumps over the corpse. If we followed that rule, practically every cat lady in existence will become a vampire after death. As for living vampires, there is that famous Greek legend to consider. You remember the one where this guy was in love with this priestess. In his quest to gain the maiden, he kept getting cursed till he was practically a vampire. So, living vampires spread their vampirism through their cursed blood. Others are primordial beings, that are non-human, like the Lilu and Vetalas. And then, there are regular crazy people, who drink blood even though it has no benefit whatsoever.