he Sacred Mask is a Spiritual Sequel to My Sweet Vampire Candice. It takes place in Deimos, aka Future Earth. In the Continent of Woden, there are two prominent nations: the Kingdom of Muldred and Otan. Surviving in the fringes are 12 independent city states. The story begins two years after the City State of Wallen managed to repel an invasion from Otan. The elven Kingdom of Otan is ruled by the tyrannical Wodanaz. The Elf Magus has ruled Otan for 1000 years. Every century, Otan expands. Since the little fishing hamlet of Wallen had grown into a profitable Tourist City, Wodanaz felt like adding it to its borders. Otan has slavery, so Wallen had no other choice but to resist annexation. The epic battle created fame for the knight Grimory. Grimory was the alias used by the Bastard Prince Gregory, from Muldred. Despite being allies, Muldred and Otan are constantly competing. This rivalry is represented by chess. Muldred uses the white pieces and Otan has the black pieces. The characters also play chess. Muldred owes its name to its famous draconic ancestor, the Silver Ice Dragon Muldred. The dragon Muldred came into Deimos 8000 years ago. Though, there are records within the dragon community of Muldred appearing earlier. You learn more about Muldred through his descendants and my book Saturnastra Ahi. The famous ancestor in Otan is the Jabberwocky. The Jabberwocky elf liked to pretend to be the dragon. He would mate with non-magic users, with the promise that they would give birth to powerful draconic children. Since the elves were competing with Muldred, the prospect of improving their pedigree was appealing. By the time he finished, everyone in Otan had a child of the Jabberwocky. Another prominent figure in Otan’s past is the Arch Magus Zuberus. Zuberus was a Magus with the ability to travel across time and space. He temporarily settles into worlds with strong magical potential. He builds Towers and he educates Mages. Once he builds a strong foundation, he travels to another world to start the process again. This is part of the reason why there is a Tower of Zuberus in Saturnastra and Deimos. The other important concept is the Sacred Mask. The Sacred Mask is an ancient elven artifact that predates Zuberus. Since Zuberus’s magic became dominant, the power of the mask cannot be perceived anymore. Even its current owner Eric, can only guess at the true powers of this mask. According to the previous owner Tori, the mask makes the wearer brave. It protects its owner from evil and it amplifies his magical abilities. These abilities are questionable. Other folks have worn the original Sacred Mask, and they do not feel braver or more powerful. Eric’s wife Sophina does worry when her husband starts wearing the mask. She feels that the mask has a weird mental influence over Eric. And once, when the mask was stolen, through random coincidences, it made its way back to Eric. The Sacred Mask does have powers, but what it does isn’t obvious. This is why the series is called the Sacred Mask and not Power Mask or Magic Mask. Sacred artifacts usually have ambiguous effects and sometimes they have been known to perform miracles. I am giving the Sacred Mask the same ambiguity that cloaks, artifacts like the Lance of Longinus or the Shroud of Turin. The Sacred Mask is also the name of the Warrior’s Guild controlled by Eric and Sophina. It has members of all the independent city states. They deal with foreign matters that could threaten their independence. I hope you have fun reading the Sacred Mask book series, and learning more about the fantasy world that I, Teresita Blanco, created.