Children Books

Series: Scary Cat Including Scary Cat Goes to School is the second book of the series. I was thinking of keeping it balanced. I want stories that take place in the school setting, and others out in the world. Kids spent almost half their lives in school, anyway. When I was wee small, I was afraid of going to school.

It did not get better over time, in fact. It got worse. While thinking of the next episode, mother suggested I write a book about the first day of school. It is usually the most traumatizing aspect for little kids. It is for this reason that some parents ease their kids into it, by starting them on day care. Being apart from one’s parents is just a part of growing up as such. Nobody likes to get outside their comfort zone.

When a school has the proper setting, and mindset, the transition from normal life to school life works seamlessly, even for a Scary Cat. The only thing based on true events is the walk that Scary Cat took on her way to school. My father would try to teach me the colors on my way to school. As we made our way there, we would describe the color of the houses. Parents should give that a shot, if they want to teach their kids the colors. The kids can exercise, and they can learn. I always found that I learn better when I am exercising.

The ancient Greeks worked both their minds and bodies. For a person to be whole, one needs to polish both aspects. Now, back to the Scary Cat book. I made a series of designs for the Uniforms. I though uniforms would look better than every kid having a different outfit. I wore uniforms for most of my early schooling.

As for the tablets, I thought it would be fun to make the school a bit more advanced. The drawings themselves where made with markers and coloring pencils. I hope this little book helps your child transition well into school life. Bye, bye, and God bless.

Chibi Bible[Chiblia] Chibies are small versions of characters from the Bible and they are adorable. This Book is meant to be viewed while reading the Bible to children. There are a few rules. Chibbies do not speak. They are born from eggs and they have very big heads with big eyes and tiny boddies. The Chiblia is meant to make reading the Bible easier to understand. Children can look at the pictures while you read the passages to them out-loud.