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The Sacred Mask and Magic

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The spinal cord of any fantasy book is magic. The first spell I introduce in the book is the humble Sleep Spell.

It is one of the most underrated spells of all time. The White Magus Caron had two variations of the sleep spell.

He could either make you fall asleep or keep you from sleeping. In the war, the sleep deprivation spell was useful for neutralizing enemy Mages.

Most people become delirious if they fail to sleep for 3 nights in a row. Since most War Mages didn’t take the sleep spell seriously, when it was used against them, they didn’t know how to defend themselves from it.

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The evolved form of the spell allows the caster to look into people’s dreams. The third level allows the caster to share the dream of someone you make physical contact with.

It is ideal for folks who suffer from night terrors. They can share the dream of someone who is more levelheaded. The second magical ability to be featured in the book is the teleport spell.

The teleport spell is considered a difficult skill to master. If one miscasts the spell, a mage can easily end up stuck in the wall or they biologically fuse with the couch.

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To properly cast the spell, the caster needs to know where they are and where they are going. The improved version relies on knowing oneself, and whom you want to be with.

It is the perfect spell for someone with stalker tendencies. The other important spell is Mindreading. When elves start developing magic, mindreading is the first magical ability that manifests.

The other offshoot of the spell is mesmerism, followed by mind control. This was the signature spell of the Elf King Wodanaz.

It is easy to rule for 1000 years when you have that ability. Mesmerism can be used to steal, copy or rewrite memories. In book two, I introduce Necromancy.

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I include all the fun things associated with this skill like seances, corpse automatons, possessions and summoning spirit knights. Aside from magic, the book features magical artifacts.

The titular Sacred Mask has ambiguous abilities. According to its host, it makes him brave, it amplifies his magic, and it protects him from evil. The problem is that traditional mages cannot perceived the power of this ancient elven mask.

Each of the owners of the Sacred Mask, attribute different abilities to it. Horati says that his Sacred Mask improves his healing abilities, it amplifies his physical strength, and it makes him very afraid.

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Horati feels that being afraid to die makes him a better fighter. While Eric feels that fear keeps people from acting.

The third owner of the mask goes a little crazy with his claims. Adrian attributes to the Sacred Mask practically anything and everything that he can think of.

Aside from magical artifacts, it is worth mentioning the place were Mages go to learn magic: The Tower of Zuberus. Zuberus was an elf Magus that had the ability to teleport to other worlds.

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He favored worlds with strong magical potential, with very few trained mages. He would lay a strong foundation, and he would build Towers with a library filled with all the knowledge and wisdom he collects during his travels.

Once, he feels certain that his magic would survive, he travels to a new world. At the start of the book, the last Tower of Zuberus in that world has been destroyed.

Over the course of generations, the Mages became corrupted by power, as to be expected. At the height of their corruption, one day a dragon appeared, and it completely torched the Last Tower.

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Recent efforts to reconstruct the Tower have ended in failure, due to frequent accidents in the construction site.

As of now, its hollow grounds are considered accursed. The religious mages believe that Zuberus is angry with his apprentices for misusing the gift he offered them.

This is just the short version of all the wonderful magical things, you can expect in my Sacred Mask book.

I hope this inspires you to give my Sacred Mask book an honest shot. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God bless.

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