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The Sacred Mask and Chess Elements

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Early in the development of the Sacred Mask book, I planned for chess to play an important role. I grew up playing chess. I wasn’t very good at it, but I had fun. I even played online, back when the website Instant Chess existed.

The first book focuses on the Pawn or Peon. The Peon is the lowliest of all chess pieces, but it is full of potential. The Peon in the front cover is the Arch Magus and Crown Prince Helmer.

Despite being so powerful, I gave him the rank of Peon. He was made Crown Prince due to his powers, but also his cowardice. It wasn’t convenient for his uncle, the King to have a successor he could not control.

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The Peon has two different shades of wood, in order to showcase the shifting alliances of the Crown Prince. The Prince is conflicted between his duties to the Kingdom, and his desire to follow his own path. In the second book, I used two rooks to start numbering the books.

In the second book, the Knight and the Bishop are competing for the heart of the Dragon King. The King is in a different color because he is a monarch from a foreign Kingdom.

The black pieces are from the Elven Kingdom of Otan. The third book focuses on the black knight and how he binds The Three Sacred Masks together. The plot also features Chess. How the characters play the game will help you understand them a little.

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At a Macro level, the game of chess represents the rivalry between the Dragon Kingdom of Muldred and the Elf Kingdom of Otan. On the surface, they are economic allies, but the reality is that they are rivals.

The elves are represented by the black pieces. The Kingdom of Muldred is far more ancient than Otan, therefore they are represented by White Pieces. They started the Kingship game first.

Despite starting first, Muldred is much smaller. Meanwhile, Otan is a behemoth that encompasses more than half the entire continent. This is not to say that Muldred is weaker.

Rather, like its dragon ancestor, Muldred grows at a slower rate. And at the end of the day, dragons are still on top of the food chain. If you like romance books, heavily influenced by Chess please read my Sacred Mask books. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God Bless.

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