· By Teresita Blanco

The Lovers (New Book Project)

I wanted to inform my readers of my latest book project. The tentative title is The Lovers. So far, I have written 16,000 words for the new book. It takes place in the real world, around 2006.

I grew up in the 2000s, so it is a timeline I am familiar with. It takes place in South Florida. From time to time, it is nice to write in the real world. The story is an invention from my head.

It is not based on true events. Rather, everything is within the realm of plausibility. The flavor of it so far is romantic comedy, with some mild action sprinkled throughout. Just enough to keep the reader awake.

The protagonists are a couple that are in denial about the fact that they are not the people they used to be. The maiden has become a judgmental, insecure, control freak. The guy has become an argumentative, ball of negativity.

In order for them to grow as individuals and as a couple, they need to face their inner demons. So, that is the gist of it so far.

You can expect the new book to be concluded before the year ends, if I stay inspired. I am only going to make it a 10-chapter book. I hope you look forward to my new book.