· By Teresita Blanco

Teresita Blanco books Coming to a Nook Near You

This month I have been working on publishing my books with Barnes and Noble. They are getting the latest edition with new front covers. These Barnes and Noble editions come with 5000 less words.

Some stories even have different endings. I am a big fan of trimming the fat from my books. I am first publishing the novels. They only accept manuscripts that have less than 200 pages. A few books got split in half.

I also changed the title of the Saturnastra series. In the Barnes and Noble store, it is called the Wonderer Saga. Yes, I meant Wonderer and not Wanderer. Wonderers have high aspirations, and great sense of direction.

So, if you own a Nook, look for Teresita Blanco books, inside Barnes and Noble. All my books are sold at a standard 2.99 price. I still need to figure out how to publish the print versions. Everything is a work in progress.