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  • The Sacred Mask and Magic

    · By Teresita Blanco

    To Read the Book:  The Sacred Mask - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ The spinal cord of any fantasy book is magic. The first spell I introduce in the book is the humble Sleep Spell. It is one of the most underrated spells of all time. The White Magus Caron had two variations of the sleep spell. He could either make you fall asleep or keep you from sleeping. In the war, the sleep deprivation spell was useful for neutralizing enemy Mages. Most people become delirious if they fail to sleep for 3...

  • I Published a New Book : La Casa

    · By Teresita Blanco

    I recently published a new book. La Casa is now available in both English and Spanish. The book chronicles then ups and downs of the Manso family.