· By Teresita Blanco

Scary Cat 4 New Children’s Book Project

I am writing a new Scary Cat book. In this one, Pipa and her friends explore an old house. I introduce a new character to the book, Mana Bozo, the fraternal bunny twin of Nana Bozo.

Like in every volume, I give new outfits to all the characters. The predominant color this volume is the color yellow. I was going for a Yellow Wallpaper type of feel. I have drawn so far 14 pages. The book is a third done.

The kid’s book was supposed to be done by Halloween, but progress slowed down due to a mild case of writer’s block. Last week, I worked up the energy to draw 5 new pages for the book. So, you can expect a new Scary Cat book before the end of November.