· By Teresita Blanco

Progress Repot of my Writing Projects

The new novel The Lovers is progressing at a steady pace. I am already done with chapter three. Considering that the writing project only has 10 chapters, I can easily claim that I am 30 percent done with the book.

The Scary Cat book is also progressing. I came up with an interesting ending for the Cat book. I didn’t want to make it a Haunted House cliché type of adventure. Though, there are ghost in the kid’s book.

Aside from working on a new writing project, I have been working on changing the front covers of some of my older books. The Marduke book was edited and now it has a new front cover.

The person in the front cover is yours truly, with some Successories. It gets the point across of the book. In any case, I hope you look forward to Scary Cat volume 4 and The Lovers.