· By Teresita Blanco

My New Book The Lovers Pentacle

I recently finished writing a new book. It is called the Lovers Pentacle. It is both on print and on ebook. It is going to be free on the Kindle next year. I only do these free kindle book promos once a month.

This new book is a little bit more mainstream. It is a romantic comedy about two best friends struggling to find love in South Florida. The psychic that Carina consults is the thing that drives the plot forward.

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The new book is heavily inspired by Tarot cards. All the chapters are named after tarot cards. I thought it was a fun gimmick to use. The book is also a cautionary tale about the dangers of tainting your friendship, with expectations that it should grow into something else.

The book took about three months to write. It is neither short, nor long. I am already working on the sequel. So, look forward to it. Throughout the novel, you are meant to wonder if the psychic Irina is magic, or just a wise old woman. Either way, her words of wisdom guide the characters during their time of need.

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