· By Teresita Blanco

How Are My Works Progressing?

I have two new book concepts in the back of my mind. One is a new fantasy series and the other is a horror book that takes place in Colonial Cuba. It seemed like a proper setting to do something creepy, and mystic. Of my current writing project, the lover’s is about 60 percent done.

It will probably get done around December, depending on how much I can get done each day. In Total, I have written 90 pages or 46,000 I am aiming for the 75,000 word count mark, but the book could end up being a little over 80,000 words.

The other book that is progressing is Scary Cat 4. I am about two thirds done with the book. The next volume is going to be a little bit down to earth. I hope you find it both amusing and relatable. I changed up the drawing paper in the second half of volume 4.

Visually, I do not think it makes much of a difference. I didn’t feel like ordering new paper. So, I just used up whatever I had at home. I am quite frugal as far as my art supply spending is concerned. I hope you find amusing these weekly updates of my writing progress.